Mobilizing the future to create a better world.

Vontier’s powerful purpose—Mobilizing the Future to Create a Better World—unites and inspires us. It means delivering forward-thinking products and services, cultivating a deeply inclusive culture, prioritizing sustainability, and supporting community causes. Our values, with the Vontier Business System (VBS) at the center, inspire us to create bold solutions that deliver value to our stakeholders, do better every day, and win as a team. 

Stronger together.

We work as one diverse team—acting with agility, integrity, inclusion, and trust.

Driven to win.

We are passionate about winning. It motivates us to do our best for each other, our customers, our communities, and our world.

Reimagine better.

We are never satisfied with “good enough.” We continuously strive for better.

Create what's next.

We have the courage to innovate and create bold new solutions that deliver value to our customers and stakeholders.


I belong here.

Vontier is deeply committed to elevating inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) across our workplace. We strive to build diverse teams and inclusive environments and ensure equitable access, opportunity, and treatment for all. We’re building a culture of belonging that celebrates uniqueness and enables us to do our best work. 

Three strategic ID&E pillars guide our actions and drive impact:

Inclusion Champions

Building intentionally inclusive tools and resources so we can move from awareness to accountability.

Diverse Teams

Recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse teams that reflect the communities where we work and live.

Equity For All

Ensuring fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all by prioritizing accountability and transparency.

A closer look at our progress:

GOALS: At leadership levels, achieve 35% representation of women globally and 28% representation of ethnic or racial minorities in the U.S. by 2027.

PROGRESS: By integrating ID&E into our recruiting practices, we have achieved 32% representation of women at leadership levels globally, and 27% representation of ethnic or racial minorities in the U.S. as of 2023.

Fleet vehicles driving down highway at sunset

“We all passionately believe in something, and we’re working toward it together. It is so difficult to create culture, but we have it in our DNA.”


VBS powers everything.

The Vontier Business System (VBS) is our proven approach for achieving success. Grounded in the Japanese concept of kaizen, or continuous improvement, VBS turns our values into action and supports our culture and performance. VBS is an ever-evolving methodology that powers a continuous cycle of improvement. It drives efficiency and focus across our operations, equips our teams for technological change, and accelerates individual and team growth.

Reducing Paper Use

Gilbarco Veeder-Root used VBS to accomplish an important sustainability goal: reduce paper usage with dispensers. Our customer service, quality, engineering, IT, and supply chain teams used VBS tools to reduce printed pages from 24 million to 5 million—a savings of almost 80% over two years.

Igniting Career Growth

VBS Ignite is an intensive career development program that delivers three years of business experience in three months. An average of 12 participants a year work full-time outside their home businesses and receive intensive training, active mentoring, a personalized development plan, executive career coaching, and the opportunity to take on big challenges that impact our critical priorities. 

Igniters tackle projects that help our businesses, such as the launching of our in-house Generative AI tool, which can increase productivity by over $7,000 per user per year according to Gardner, Inc. Other projects have included the acceleration of EMV payment terminal adoption at DRB, an assessment and revision of our inclusive hiring practices, and the automation of safety and emissions analytics for Vontier's corporate fleet of vehicles.

Incubating New Businesses

The Vontier Launch Pad uses VBS to build businesses and new ventures inside Vontier. One recent Launch Pad venture is Juxta, a turnkey, portable, automated micro-retail store that helps bring convenience closer to consumers’ daily lives.

Customer using self checkout at Breeze Thru convenience store

“VBS is at the center of Vontier’s people, processes, technology, and culture. Through it, we drive tangible results, accelerate innovation, minimize waste, enhance productivity, and develop our future leaders.”


Doing things the right way.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. It permeates every product, business decision, and relationship. From taking a stand on pressing global issues to advising customers on evolving regulation, we are dedicated to doing the right things the right way. 

This commitment extends to each of our employees, who all sign the Vontier Code of Conduct, pledging to act fairly, honestly, and in compliance with all applicable laws.

Note-taking on Vontier's purpose and values wheel with VBS at the center

“Acting with integrity at its core means doing the right things the right way—cultivating an inclusive environment, putting team before self, prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, and collaborating together to do great things.”